Monday, 12 December 2011

O Magnum Mysterium

I sometimes think it's a pity that we only get one crack at our concerts. Last Saturday's performance felt so special and we had a respectable-sized audience.

Of course, there were some mistakes, but we won't dwell on those! We managed a magical start with church simply illuminated by rows of candles while we sang the plainsong Rorate Coeli. And there were moments when we tapped into the essential mystery and passion of the music.

The motet "O Magnum Mysterium" captures so well the sense of rapt silence surrounding the nativity and I felt that choir and audience were in a sense suspended during the performance.

The audience lustily joined in the with the carols and they and the two readings created a link between the world of Victoria and today.

So it's a shame that it's all over. Although, who knows? Having just one shot may add tension and drama that could be lacking in a repeat.

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