Wednesday, 14 June 2017

We Got Rhythm

Exploring the Beat of American Music

One thing that often distinguishes American music from that of the Old World is its rhythmic freedom.

With influences from Ireland, Eastern European Jews and Africa, this is hardly surprising. And there was no musical establishment to hold musicians back. Influences combined; the African American Spiritual uses traditional Christian harmonies, which the slaves were taught by missionaries, and added their own speech patterns to give a unique flavour to their songs. 

In the northern states we see music that is much more based on old folk melodies. We are singing the charming Appalachian lullaby "Black Sheep". Listen to it by clicking on the link.

We are also adding music from Hawaii to the mix which makes this a "must do" event. All the details are below. 

Visit our  website to learn more about the concert and the choir.....

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