Thursday, 11 October 2012

Entente Cordiale

Back from our rather non-existent Summer Cantilena is now working hard for the autumn concert.

The title will be "Sing Noel" and is a happy mixture of French and English Christmas music. At the heart of the concert will be Charpentier's Messe De Minuit. This work is full of delights; I was amused by  the following comment attached to Youtube recording: "Poor Louis XIV. He had to put up with Lully, while the Princess de Guise had this glorious music in her chapel."

We will contrast this with Poulenc's four Christmas motets which contrast tenderness with acerbic harmonies to great effect.

Then in the 2nd half we move back to 20th C England, with Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Christmas Carols, the sweet  "The Lamb" by Tavener and other treats.

Entente Cordiale indeed!

Here are the details:

Date:   15 December 2012
Time:   7.30 pm
At:        St Mary's Church, Glastonbury
Tickets: £10.00

Watch this space for updates!