Monday, 29 May 2017

Sing for Joy

Invite Cantilena to your Event

In Cantilena we love to bring enjoyment to people through our singing. And this doesn't just mean at our regular concerts.

There are many events which are enhanced by singing; what better way to express your feelings, entertain guests or raise money for your favourite charity?

And we are proud to say that we can provide this service, too. We have sung at weddings, musical societies, churches; once even at Taunton Museum for an exhibition connected with Henry Purcell. So no type of event is beyond us.

We won't turn up mob-handed with all thirty of us. We offer smaller groups as befits the occasion. All the details are below.

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Monday, 22 May 2017


Life in Cantilena is never dull. We had barely recovered from performing Bach's Magnificat last month, with its baroque trumpets, drums and taxing choruses, than we started rehearsing for our Summer concert.

This Summer we are off to America which encompasses a very wide range of sound worlds. Some the audience may be tempted to join in with:  Li'l Liza Jane" or "I got Rhythm" as they have become familiar.

No concert of American choral music would be complete without African American Spirituals. Trapped in an alien place and away from their own culture, the slaves embraced Christianity which gave them some certainty of a life better than the one they were living.

Some of the most moving settings were incorporated by Michael Tippett into his work "A Child of our Time". I think that this is because he managed to tap into their intrinsic sadness as well as making them relevant for today. We will be singing "Steal Away" Click on this link to hear it for yourself.

Join us for this Transatlantic adventure on July 8 in Shepton Mallet. More details to follow.

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