Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mozart Fest

Spring is usually when Cantilena "pushes the boat out", so to speak. It is the time when we are more likely to perform a major work and include an orchestra and professional soloists.

This spring is no exception. We will be performing Mozart's Requiem, together with his lilting Laudate Dominum from the Mass in C and his tender Ave Verum.

Mozart wrote the Requiem at the end of his life; in fact he couldn't finish it and it was left to others, notably Süssmayr, to finish it from the various notes and hints that Mozart had left. There is a romantic story about a mysterious visitor, dressed in black who commissioned the work, leading Mozart to believe that this was Death himself. However,  the person who commissioned it was actually  Count Franz Von Walseggwho was renowned for trying to pass off others' work as his own; hence the anonymity. Mozart's death made secrecy impossible, of course!

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Despite the number of people that had a hand in its completion it's a very coherent work and touches us all with its passion and beauty.

We are fortunate to have some young and highly talented soloists join us this year and I will fill in more with my next blog.

This is a treat not to be missed.

Join us at St Mary's Church, Glastonbury on Saturday 25 April at 7.30 pm for this feast! 

Details on the poster.