Thursday, 7 December 2017

Keep Singing

Christmas Starts Here

There's nothing that gives you a high quite like singing to a full house, with an audience primed and ready to support you.

Friday, 1 December, saw the choir deliver its Christmas concert. There's always some pre-show nerves - have we sold any tickets? has everyone remembered their music? the right clothing? (I heard tell of one choir who had a member turn up in jeans, clearly unaware of the dress code!).

But a goodly audience braved the icy winds and filled up St Mary's nicely with no overcrowding.

And I think that we gave a good show, with an eclectic selection of Christmas music and readings. The audience helped with lusty renditions of carols, especially "O Little Town" and "Hark the Herald" with the choir giving the descants.

We delivered William Byrd's "Laudibus in Sanctus" with a great deal of verve and audience members clearly loved its joyous ending. And there were little sigh of delight as Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque" settled to its peaceful end. I'm sure that everyone had their favourites and found something to bring Christmas into their hearts.

Mince pies and mulled wine added their own flavour to the evening, and we are very grateful to all our sponsors.

Victoria Poole from St Margaret's Hospice spoke to the audience and I hope succeeded in raising funds for this worthy cause.

So we took pleasure in giving pleasure and I hope the audience felt that Christmas was now good to go.

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

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